Martin Specialty Products – About Us

Based in North Kansas City, Missouri, Martin Specialty Products has 60+ years of experience in manufacturing and packaging a wide range of lubricating greases. The Martin team has a large catalog of grease recipes including hi-temp, multi-purpose, extreme pressure, post-tension, frac pump, cotton picker/spindle clean, and water resistant grease. Martin Specialty also has grease manufacturing locations in Houston, Texas, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Industry Leading Quality Control

The Martin Specialty Products team has 60+ years of grease production experience with CLS, CLGS, OMA I & II certifications on staff. Each product is blended and packaged in our certified ISO 9001 manufacturing facility that boasts a lost batch rate of less than 1 percent. Our team includes an on-staff chemist and R&D team that utilize our in house laboratory. Technical training on lubrication fundamentals as well as how to sell and market grease is one of the many ways we put our experience to work for you.

Experience + Certifications

To ensure the integrity of the grease we produce, we’ve adopted an industry leading quality control program that tests all incoming raw materials for purity and tests all outgoing products for elemental, penetration, and multiple performance tests. Martin Specialty Products has stock greases with GCLB and LB certifications and has GCLB testing capabilities on site. Additionally, Martin Specialty Products utilizes two laboratories nationwide for in-house testing including analysis on new and used grease.


Our production capabilities allow us to provide contract customers with an average lead time of less than three weeks from order to shipment. Products can be packaged in the following standard sizes including: bulk, tote, drum, keg, pails, tubes, and 1 lb. tubs. Custom package styles are also available.