CottonGrease_280x2002SpindleGard™ Cotton Picker Grease

is a high performance grease specifically designed for high speed spindles and heads found on cotton pickers. Our formulation exceeds manufacturer’s recommendations and prevents dirt, water, and other contaminants from entering bearings or other lubricated parts.

SpindleGard Cotton Picker Grease PDS

SpindleGard Spindle Grease SDS

SpindleGard™ Spindle Cleaner

SpindleGard Spindle Cleaner meets or exceeds most major OEM requirements for use in cotton pickers. SpindleGard is specifically formulated to extend the life of your spindles by protecting them from premature rust and corrosion without reducing the grade of your cotton. SpindleGard provides a protective lubricating film that considerably decreases the roping of cotton helping maintain the picking efficiency from start to finish.

SpindleGard Spindle Cleaner PDS

SpindleGard Spindle Cleaner SDS